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  • Service operation
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Service Strategy


In today’s business world service is the dedicated driver for revenue, growth and in particular profit. Whereas new products in many cases gain as little as a 1-2% margin, service business offers the opportunity to generate attractive profits of 15% and more. Nowadays service means more: Offered in a smart way by using pay-per-use models, service is the key to high customer satisfaction with only little investment from the customer side.

Having supported customers in various industries and with many topics, SerValue Management Consultants possess the necessary knowledge and experience to take advantage of this huge business potential.
Based on our tool “Strategy Determination & Deployment Journey” we guide our customers during the development of a sustainable and successful strategy with a pragmatic, easy-to-apply methodology. Taking into consideration market attractiveness, customer needs and competitive advantages, we collaboratively agree on a final strategic setting with our customers. During this first strategic development phase, we share our experience and knowledge from several projects and market insights we accumulated over the last decade.

But even more: After successfully determining a strategy for the customer’s service business, our approach also encompasses a successful plan for implementing the defined strategy. Implementation at this stage means also to turn a product centered organization into a service organization. Additionally, we contribute with our experience and extensive operational knowledge from international projects and assignments in this second phase as well. 

Our “Strategy Determination & Deployment Journey” is a well-proven tool that already supported many industrial companies in becoming service leaders in their industries. We are your partners during the entire transformation process.

Service Marketing

Today’s service business offers opportunities for both high customer satisfaction and sustainable profits.

To benefit from these opportunities SerValue Management Consultants apply our well-proven tool to market the service offering properly and in the most successful way: Both the service offerings of industry competitors as well as of companies from comparable industries are analyzed, compared and implemented to the service elements of our customers. Last but not least, best practice services offerings of other industries are considered and adapted.

Furthermore, we offer the pricing packages platinic, gold and silver to provide adequate solutions with respect to our customer’s willingness-to-pay. Sales channels and promotion activities are identified and finally determined. This service marketing concept follows a conceptual approach, but always remains pragmatic and customer-oriented. A multitude of companies in various industries already followed our approach to a successful marketing concept. Only success counts – that’s not only our credo but also the credo of our customers. You can count on us!

Service Operations

Successful Service Operations call for extensive considerations and perfectly integrated maintenance planning. How to provide spare parts at the right volume, the right place and the right time? How to schedule technicians under consideration of weather conditions and requirements of tools? We support your with all your challenges by offering adequate, customized and pragmatic solutions with our partly self-developped tools.

You want to optimize your spare parts management and use your technicians in a highly efficient manner? Our models and tools will help you to succeed and save money, time and nerves. Please contact us, we have a customized solution available:
When it comes to operations, SerValue Management Consultants analyze service sales, customer care, field service management, spare parts management and supplier management, as these areas are the key-drivers for a successful implementation of the service strategy.

We put our focus on:

  • Customer Experience to optimize the end2end processes in the customer interaction
  • Technician scheduling to improve the installation, maintenance, upgrade and repair processes
  • Spare Parts Management for an optimized provision and pricing of spare parts along the life cycle process of the products
  • Supplier management to calibrate, integrate and monitor your service partner eco system
  • The deployment and development of operational leadership competences to successfully implement the concept

SerValue offers a comprehensive portfolio of benchmark data (telecommunication, machinery and industrial plant business, renewable energy and consumer electronics), methods (service process framework, service capabilities and assessment of maturity level) and tools (capacity planning, network analysis, service level management), that we use when optimizing service operations.

Bei der Optimierung Ihrer Service Operations kommen umfassende Benchmarkdaten (Telekommunikation, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Energie und Unterhaltungselektronik), Methoden (Serviceprozesse-Framework, Servicefähigkeiten und Reifegradbewertung) sowie Werkzeuge (Kapazitätsplanung, Netzwerkanalysen, Servicelevel-Management) aus unserem Portfolio zum Einsatz.

Digital Service

In the early days service focussed on providing spare parts for technicians that visit customers. The status of a machine which needed repairing services was completely unknown as was the rate of abrasion. Furthermore, the necessity of maintenance could only be judged on the spot.

With the internet and especially industry 4.0 the optimum point of time for the exchange of parts and maintenance services can easily be calculated based on machine usage, history and historical data . In this regard we are able to help you to analyze your data and to develop an optimized maintenance plan. This is a typical example for a “Digital Service”.

But Digital Service also comprises the automization of customer care processes (“Automated Customer Care”) or “Social Care” – the utilization of social media for problem solving in the service business. With digitization new competitors emerge that attack existing business models. However, this also provides huge opportunities to existing suppliers of service to occupy new business fields in the area of Self Service Solutions, Predictive Maintenance, Big Data Analytics, Digitial Contact Centre, etc..

We support our customers with innovative technologies to optimize existing business processes and develop new business fields. Furthermore, we develop solutions for the IT architecture and the IT management, e.g. the implementation of a global workforce management system, to optimze the synchronisation of technicians, spare parts and tools.

SerValue develops strategic technology targets together with our customers, that drive both the business as well as the IT strategy. During implementation we focus on continous controlling, risk management and systematic management of change requests based on an agile approach. We assure a successful implementation and rollout process through our comprehensive change management expertise.

Professional Services


Ocasionally, after the successful design of a concept and the subsequent implementation, customers require skilled staff to run the business satisfactorily and achieve the promised results. In cases where our customers do not yet have the appropriate skills inhouse, we are happy to provide expertise for a certain period of time: get the business going, eliminate obstacles and barriers after implementation and assist with finding high-skilled experts and onboarding. Our interim managers possess the necessary expertise to run the business successfully.

We want to make an impact. Therefore, we offer only the best suitable experts for these positions – with extensive hands-on operational knowledge and experience in the respective industry. We want our results to be traceable and sustainable. Our goals are clearly defined and measurable. And we will never leave you alone without having fulfilled our targets and your needs! Only this way we and our clients can continuously be proud of what we have achieved collaboratively. We will go the extra-mile for you!

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